VIDEOCLIP | Leandro Fresco - Sin tiempo

You never know how far a chain of favors can go. In 2011, we made a video for Descarga as a Christmas greeting and tribute to creativity called "The Inventor". Freddy (co founder partner) selected a song by Leandro Fresco for the video. Freddy is a staunch fan of Cerati and Leandro was one of his closest musicians and collaborators who later launched as a soloist. In spite of being a video of internal use, we sent an email to Leandro, to request authorization to use one of his songs, to which he answered yes. Later, we shared the video as a courtesy and was fascinated, to such a degree, that he commissioned us the video of his first single Sin Tiempo. The challenge was to create a story that would adapt to geographical and budget conditions, since Leandro was in India, and we in white Mérida. And so this piece emerged that gave us the opportunity to work for a great Argentine, and even received the congratulations of Cerati’s daughter.


DIRECCION, EDICION, CAMARA: Iván Cantón Traconis Y Freddy Gorocica. PRODUCTORA: Descarga Buró Creativo, México. TWITTER: @DescargaBuro RODADO EN: Mérida, Yucatán,México 2013. PROTAGONISTA: @bettyrodriguez BUY Leandro Fresco "Sin Tiempo" in Itunes & Deezer FACEBOOK: