ECO Escuela de Conciencia

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Disfrutemos la vida. Hagamos eco
— Dr. Baquedano


Dr. Gaspar Baquedano is a well renown psychiatrist specialized in suicide, he wanted us to help him approach this issue in a very different way: very close to people and not looking at it as a health problem but as a social problem, this would unfreeze the medical stigma of attending a psychiatrist and put it on a more human scale. In context, Yucatán, unfortunately is the number 1 state in México in suicides.


We created a brand with the reframing concept as the principal way of seeing things, when we change our perspective, everything can change, everyone sees a problem in different shapes and colors, that is why this brand doesn’t have a specific logo, it has many. What do they have in common? Every version has a way in and a way out. Welcome to ECO (Escuela de Conciencia) or Conscience School.

It’s our responsibility to be an ECO.

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