Pull a chair and lets talk

about sharing.


Why have a foundation?

Fundación Descarga® is our way of giving back to life a little of what it has given us. We don´t pretend to save the world, but heck, if we change the square meter that surrounds us, it´s a good start.

It's about sharing. We love to share.


We contribute to our causes in 3 ways:



At Descarga® we donate of our monthly billing to the Foundation. In some cases we use this resource to support some cause, person or institution, and in others, we provide resources to spread their needs in the media and social networks.

Sharing time and talent

If the project has a social purpose and it moves us, we do it for free.


Throughout time we have had the good fortune of making good relationships and many friends (businessmen, colleagues, government, friends), to whom we turn to connect needs with solutions. Any problem has a solution, and someone is always willing to help.

We do not belong to any cause, religion or political party.


do you HAVE A cause?

You are in the right place